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chapter: Babies

Q: How do Scientology kids grow up?

Kids in Scientology are part of the "Second Dynamic". A "dynamic" in Scientology is a personal urge towards survival. The first of these urges is the drive to survive as an individual, getting enough food, feeling well and so on. The second urge is the urge to survive through sex, famliy and children. There are eight of them (more about it in the Definitions).

Now, to survive well on the Second Dynamic means to care for his kids well and also for his family. Scientologist are usually very eager to help their children to have a good life and to help them become as competent as possible. And if you have seen children of active Scientologists you know that they do.

As I don't have kids (yet) and there is a whole website about this subject I'll give you a link here. Go to the Scientology Kids and Parents Website at

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