scientology myths 2.0





Scientology Myths - what is fact? what is fiction?


KRC triangle: the upper triangle in the Scientology symbol. The points are K for knowledge, R for responsibility, and C for control. It is difficult to be responsible for something or control something unless you have knowledge of it. It is folly to try to control something or even know something without responsibility. It is hard to fully know something or be responsible for something over which you have no control, otherwise the result can be overwhelm. Little by little one can make anything go right by increasing Knowledge on all dynamics, increasing Responsibility on all dynamics, increasing Control on all dynamics.

dynamic(s): there could be said to be eight urges (drives, impulses) in life. These we call dynamics. These are motives or motivations. We call them the eight dynamics. These are urges for survival as or through (1) self, (2) sex and family, (3) groups, (4) all mankind, (5) living things (plants and animals), (6) the material universe, (7) spirits, and (8) infinity or the Supreme Being. The cross of the Church of Scientology shows eight points, one for each of the Dynamics.

control: the ability to start, change and stop something. One is successful in his life to the degree that he can start or change or stop the things and people within his environment. For example, a driver who cannot exert control over a car by making it start, move about and stop when he wants it to is quite likely to have accidents. A person who can control a car, on the other hand, will be able to arrive where he intends to.