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overt act:
1. an overt act is not just injuring someone or something; an overt act is an act of omission or
commission which does the least good for the least number of dynamics or the most harm to the
greatest number of dynamics.
2 . an intentionally committed harmful act committed in an effort to resolve a problem.
3. that thing which you do which you aren’t willing to have happen to you.

1. an aggressive or destructive act received by the person or one of the dynamics. It is called a
motivator because it tends to prompt that one pays it back—it “motivates” a new overt.
2 . something which the person feels has been done to him, which he is not willing to have happen.
3 . an act received by the person or individual causing injury, reduction or degradation of his beingness, person, associations or dynamics. (HCOB 1 Nov 68 II) 4. an overt act against oneself by another. In other words, a motivator is a harmful action performed by somebody else against oneself.

overt-motivator sequence:
1. if a fellow does an overt, he will then believe he's got to have a motivator or that he has had a motivator.
2. the sequence wherein someone who has committed an overt has to claim the existence of motivators. The motivators are then likely to be used to justify committing further overt acts.