I, L. Ron Hubbard, being duly sworn, depose and say that:

            1.         I am the founder of the Religion of the Church of Scientology.

            2.         From time to time, over the past 20 years I have written doctrine known as “Policy Letters” which are currently in use as administered by the Churches’ ministerial staff.

            3.         On and around March 17, 1965; March 7, 1965 and December 23, 1965; I had cause to write three “Policy letters” entitled “Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists The Fair Game Law” (7 March 1965 and 23 December 1965) and “Fair Game Law Organization Suppressive Acts The Source of the Fair Game Law” (17 March 1965).

            4.         These policies were written with the intent to remove some of the fundamental barriers from the progress of the Church and its parishioners.

            5.         The intent, as written by me, was simply to make it clear to all Scientologists that those who actively attempted to block our forward progress could no longer be considered a member of the group and thusly not be afforded the protection of Scientology Ethics as so covered in the volumes of policy on the subject of ethics as written by myself.

            Scientologists in good standing are protected by the ethical policies of the Church against suits or disturbances of any kind by another Scientologist.  Recourse from any such action is immediately available to any Scientologist via a Chaplain’s court which is held by a Scientology minister.  His function is to settle all differences amicably.

            6.         There was never any attempt or intent on my part by the writing of these policies (or any others for that fact), to authorize illegal or harassment type acts against anyone.

            7.         As soon as it became apparent to me that the concept of “Fair Game” as described above was being misinterpreted by the uninformed, to mean the granting of a license to Scientologists for acts in violation of the law and/or other standards of decency, these policies were cancelled.

            The handling of a Suppressive person with regards to the fact that he is not accepted within the Church and may not avail himself of Chaplain’s Courts and other services of the Church due to the fact that he causes trouble and does not make personal gains, remains a stringent Church policy.


Signed this ___22nd__ day of ___March___ 1976.




L. Ron Hubbard