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chapter: Freezone

Q: What are Freezoners?

Freezoners (Ron's Org, Freezone, Galactic Patrol) are groups who alter Scientology technology and form their own groups to apply this altered technology. They are small in number and fairly insignificant to the Church. I understand the largest Freezone group is in Germany, which makes sense, since Germany is well behind the curve in supporting religious freedom.

Freezones are not religious in nature, they are money making ventures, originally started by Captain Bill Robertson.

They claim they cannot trust the current Church management structure (which was set up by L. Ron Hubbard) because it is not what Hubbard would want. They have had many criminals in their midsts. Such as Robertson, Robin Scott and David Mayo. Many of them are declared Suppressive Persons by the Church and freely admit so.

I feel this transcript of an interview with former Freezoner Jon Zegel explains it very well.

Curiously, over time a group of former Freezone members has built up, calling themselves "Freezone Survivors". You can find them on

Jon Zegel Transcript
Robin Scott Court Papers

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