gk.24.4.84         Police Dpt. A 62/1984        17th B.b. No. 349
                    The Copenhagen City Court, 17th Division
       On the 18th April, 1984,   the following sentence was pronounced in
                                  case No. 1168/1984
                                  The Public Prosecutor
                                  the accused
                                  Robin Howard Avison Scott
                                  Civil reg.  No. 06 11 48, England
                                  (remand prisoner)
                                 S E N T E N C E
            In this case, which has been submitted for pronouncement of
       sentence pursuant to section 925 of the Danish Administration of
       Justice Act, Mr. Robin Howard Avison Scott is accused of viola-
       tion of section 264 (2), cf. item 1 of subsection 1, of the Da-
       nish Criminal Code, in that he on the 9th December, 1983, to-
       gether and after previous agreement with Ron Lawley and Morag
       Bellmaine, whose cases are separately heard, had obtained unwar-
       ranted access to the Scientology Church, of 6 Jernbanegade, Co-
       penhagen, in order to procure or acquaint himself with informa-
       tion on business matters or documents or records, and that he in
       this connection took possession of various teaching material be-
       longing to the Scientology Church, Lawley and Bellmaine obtaining
       access to the property under false pretences, after the accused

himself by personal approach had examined the conditions on the location, and where Lawley and Bellmaine - still under false pre- tences - received various classified material for examination. In this connection they took 5 parcels of classified teaching mate- rial which they brought with them back to Great Britain. The accused has no previous police record. On account of the full confession of the accused, the cor- rectness of which is confirmed by the information otherwise available, the Court finds it established that the accused is guilty of the charge brought against him. With respect to the fixing of the sentence take notice that the Court has based its sentence on the fact that the accused together with others through a planned action took possession of documents, etc. which the accused i.a. intended to use in the "competing" enterprise which he had started in Scotland. Under these circumstances, the offence committed by the accused is sub- ject in principle to unconditional imprisonment for violation of section 264 (2), cf. item 1 of subsection 1, of the Danish Crimi- nal Code. On the other hand, the Court has not found grounds for doubting that from his thorough knowledge of the Scientology Church the accused had been convinced that the management of the Church had widely acted against the spirits of the founder so that he felt compelled in any respect to oppose this management. Regard being had to this and especially to the personal mat- ters of the accused and to the fact that he has been remanded in custody in isolation for mare than one month, the Sentence may be fixed for 4 months' imprisonment, 3 months of which are made sus- pended on the below terms and conditions, cf. section 58 (1) of the Danish Criminal Code.
Pursuant to section 24 (4) of the Danish Act on Aliens, the accused, who has no connection to Denmark, shall be.ordered to leave Denmark and not allowed to re-enter the country until the lst January, 1989. In this case, the accused has been confined to prison as from the 13th March, 1984. A claim for damages shall be postponed until an action, if any, be brought through civil courts. HELD: The accused, Mr. Robin Howard Avison Scott, shall be punished with imprisonment of 4 months. The execution of 3 months of the sentence shall be postponed and shall lapse after a trial period of 2 years on the condition that the accused does not commit any criminal offence during such trial period. The accused shall be ordered -to leave Denmark and shall not be allowed to re-enter the country until the 1st January, 1989. Signed: Poul Lodberg This is to certify the correctness of the office copy. THE CENTRAL OFFICE of The Copenhagen City Court On behalf of the judge Signed: (illegible) Dated: 25th April, 1984
I, the undersigned Lise G. Eskesen, official translator, hereby certify the foregoing text to be a true and faithful translation of the attached documents in the Danish language, produced to me. witness my hand and official seal, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15th may, 1984.