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                                        29th December, 1969



Lawrence Alkin $ Co

82 Brock Street

London W1Y 1YG


Dear Sirs,


Re Church of Scientology and the Sunday Times


Thank you for your letter of the 14th December.  I confirm the further points mentioned in your letter which we had agreed on the telephone.


I enclose a copy of the agreed further reference which appeared in last Sundays issue of the Sunday times for your retention.


May I suggest that we complete the other formalities including the exchange of undertakings at a meeting at this office.  Perhaps you will kindly telephone to make a mutually convenient appointment to call with your clients in due course.


                                   Yours faithfully,




                                       Robert Savage

                                   Assistant Legal Adviser


Scientology: New Light on Crowley


ON 5 OCTOBER, 1969, Spectrum published an article “The off beginning of Ron Hubbard’s Career.”  The Church of Scientology has sent us the following information:

     Hubbard broke up black magic in America:  Dr. Jack Parsons of Pasadena, California was America’s Number One solid fuel rocket expert.  He was involved with the infamous English black magician Aleister Crowley who called himself “The Beast 666.”  Crowley ran an organization called the Order of Templars Orientalis over the world which had savage and bestial rites.  Dr. Parsons was head of the American branch


located at 1003 Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, California.  This was a huge house which had paying guests who were the USA nuclear physicists working at Cal. Tech.  Certain agencies objected to nuclear physicists being housed under the same roof.

     L. Ron Hubbard was still an officer of the US Navy because he was well known as a writer and a philosopher and had friends amongst the physicists, he was sent in to handle the situation.  He went to live at the house and investigated the black magic rites and the general situation and found them very bad. 

     Parsons wrote to Crowley in England about Hubbard.  Crowley “The Beast 666” detected an enemy and warned Parsons.  This is all proven by the correspondence unearthed by the Sunday times.  Hubbard’s mission was successful far beyond anyone’s expectations.  The house was torn down.  Hubbard rescued a girl they were using.  The black magic group was dispersed and destroyed and has never recovered.  The physicists included many of the 64 top US scientists who were later declared insecure and dismissed from government service with so much publicity.