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Scientology Myths - what is fact? what is fiction?
chapter: L. Ron Hubbard

Q: Was Hubbard senile or incompetent toward the end of his life?

Once again, all the information I can find suggesting this is from anti-Scientology sites. Obviously, official Church sites deny this. I will abide by this affidavit from L. Ron Hubbard filed in June 1983. It was good enough for the State of California.

Also, I found a quote from one of the workers on his ranch in the 1980's.

“Mr. Hubbard was very active until the last time I saw him which was just a matter of days before he passed on. That was why it came as such a surprise to me for he appeared normal and certainly not suffering from any physical or mental ailment. He had been alert, chipper, active and content.”

Affidavit from L. Ron Hubbard