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chapter: Lisa Mcpherson

Q: What happened to Lisa McPherson?

Lisa McPherson was a Scientologist who died from a blood clot as a result of a car accident. Some corrupt individuals tried to profit from the death of this girl and make a lot of noise about it. That's why you know about it. Here is the real story. Lisa McPherson died of what the doctors called a pulmonary embolism (blood clot). Other statements first made by Medical Examiner Dr. Joan Wood were found unfounded, as she herself agreed when she was presented with all the evidence. None of the top medical experts around the country who have been consulted on this matter agreed with Wood's conclusions.

When the medical examiner looked at all the facts she came to the conclusion that Lisa McPherson suffered an accidental death as a result of a pulmonary embolism caused by an injury to her leg in the auto accident. All charges against the Church were dismissed by the prosecutor.

When the judge in the civil suit was presented the evidence he ruled that Lisa McPherson was at the Church of her own free will and dismissed a major portion of the case. The remaining part of the civil case ultimately settled in 2004.

Lisa was not mistreated, she was willingly in the care of friends. She did not lose 50 lbs. These are lies invented to align with a harassment campaign against the Church of Scientology and its members. The medical examiner determined that Lisa died of natural causes.

- Dismissal of all charges in 2000
- Lisa McPherson Death Certificate
- Press release of the Pinellas County Florida State Attorney, June 2000