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chapter: Lisa Mcpherson

Q: What is the Lisa McPherson Trust?

The Lisa McPherson Trust, Inc. (LMT) was a for-profit investment organization to make money out of the case of Lisa McPherson. It ceased operations in November 2001 and disbanded in 2002 after the main financier withdrew his financial support. Despite evidence of the accidental nature of Ms. McPherson’s death, critics in and around the LMT continued to exploit her name in their anti-Scientology hate campaign, although they certainly would have shunned her if she were living due to her adherence to the Scientology faith.

On other occasions individuals in the grey zone around the LMT threatened physical violence against Scientologists, including threatening to shoot any Church members who enter his property to engage in the same kind of protest demonstrations LMT representatives routinely direct at Scientology churches, staff and parishioners.

This harassment has been taken up recently by a group called "Anonymous". “Anonymous” members have been duped to belief in a false claim about Lisa McPherson (whose birthday they have selected for their main actions). Lisa McPherson was a Scientologist who suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism in 1995 after being treated and released from Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida after a traffic accident. Unknown to anyone, including the medical staff at Morton Plant Hospital, Lisa McPherson had sustained an injury in the auto accident that ultimately led to her death.

The official report of the Medical Examiner of Pinellas County, Florida states that Lisa McPherson died an accidental death as a result of a blood clot caused by an injury she got in an auto accident.

This is how a disgusting lie and the exploitation of a dead person is being continued by puppet masters, this time - in 2008 - using some college boys calling themselved "Anonymous".