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chapter: Mark Rathbun

Video: Mark Rathbun / A "Beating Every Day" While 10,000 Miles Away

(unverified transcript below)

Freedom Magazine Video (watch in separate window)

A "Beating Every Day" While 10,000 Miles Away

Voice: On the 29th of March, 2010, CNN’s Anderson Cooper faced the cameras with the results of his latest so-called “investigation”…

Anderson Cooper: “A former high-ranking official in the Church of Scientology and the shocking allegations he makes against the Church’s current leader.”

Mark Rathbun: “In late ‘03, there was a beating every day.  And if it wasn’t him doing it, it was from him inciting others to do it to others.”

Voice:  Of course, what Rathbun alleges and CNN irresponsibly broadcast is a lie. Yet it’s so sensational and so tabloid in character, Anderson Cooper couldn’t resist broadcasting this sound bite on 14 separate occasions.

Cooper obviously knew the allegation was outlandish and unfounded, since he also repeatedly told viewers there is no proof of this or any other scandalous allegation.

Anderson Cooper:  “Now without physical evidence it’s impossible to prove who’s telling the truth.”

Actually, there is evidence and the Church had it.
But Anderson Cooper did not want to have the facts.

Why know them when they get in the way of a good story?

Especially when Rathbun’s lie, which served as the centerpiece of Cooper’s anti-Scientology propaganda series, is so easily and documentably disproven.

Here’s where Cooper’s star witness, Kingpin Rathbun, claims it all occurred every day in late ‘03.  It’s true, Rathbun was there.  While as for Mr. Miscavige, here’s where he was in “late ‘03”:

  • His first event in October was the Grand Opening of the Way to Happiness Foundation in Glendale, California. There he met with dignitaries from as far away as South Africa, Israel and Palestine.
  • Whereupon Mr. Miscavige then flew to England, on the 20th of October.

There he hosted the International Association of Scientologists 19th Anniversary celebration, attended by thousands from around the world.

He next hosted the annual convocation of Freedom Medal Winners.

He further hosted an annual charity event attended by Mayors from dozens of cities in Sussex and Surrey.
And finally, he held a conference of Executive Directors from Churches across the UK and European Continents.

  • Mr. Miscavige then flew directly to Johannesburg, South Africa, where he hosted the Grand Opening of the new Ideal Church of Scientology Johannesburg, attended by thousands, including many government officials such as the Republic of South Africa’s Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology. 

Ironically, one of Mr. Cooper’s “sources” was also in attendance—and so the information was readily available to him.
After next holding a conference for executives of Churches from across all of Africa…

  • Mr. Miscavige next flew directly to Milano, Italy.  Again, this trip included the interaction and briefing of Church parishioners as well as executives of Scientology Churches across all of Italy.
  • Mr. Miscavige then flew directly to Copenhagen, Denmark.  Again, it’s all in photographs and video footage—as he conducted briefings to parishioners and Church staff.
  • Mr. Miscavige then flew directly to Clearwater, Florida, where he remained for 5 days.  Again, this trip included documented briefings with Church staff on upcoming Scientology programs.
  • Mr. Miscavige then traveled directly to Washington, D.C. and this too is a matter of documented official record with numerous government officials he met with.
  • Mr. Miscavige then traveled directly to Buffalo, New York.

There he hosted the Grand Opening of the new Ideal Church of Scientology of Buffalo. Among the hundreds in attendance was the Mayor, who also spoke at the Grand Opening.
Of course, Mr. Miscavige also took the opportunity to speak to local Church parishioners.
And, as always, he conducted a separate briefing with Church executives and staff.

  • Mr. Miscavige then traveled directly to Toronto, Canada and, after briefing the Continental Management staff in that location…
  • He once again returned to England, where he attended to further meetings with both Church executives and UK government officials—again a matter of official government record.
  • Mr. Miscavige then flew directly to San Francisco, California, where he remained until the end of the month.

There, Mr. Miscavige hosted the Grand Opening of that city’s new Ideal Church of Scientology, attended by over a thousand Scientologists. Mr. Miscavige again took the opportunity to speak to local Scientologists, quite in addition to city officials in attendance—including the city’s then-Mayor, Willie Brown.

And, as always, Mr. Miscavige further held briefings with the local Church staff.

  • In the beginning of December, Mr. Miscavige then returned to his offices in Los Angeles and International Headquarters, where he attended to end-of-year event preparations.
  • One week later, he again traveled to England, where his further meetings with government officials from that country are also a matter of documented record.
  • The following week, Mr. Miscavige returned to Los

Angeles where he conducted preparations and rehearsals for the Church’s New Year’s celebration.   
Whereupon, with off days for Christmas, the Scientology New Year’s event was held on 29 December, at the Shrine auditorium, attended by in excess of 6,000 Scientologists.

  • Finally, on December 31st, Mr. Miscavige returned to the Southern California base, where he was informed of the misconduct of Cooper’s star witness and promptly dismissed him.

Yet, despite this evidence, Anderson Cooper repeatedly replayed the patently false allegations of a delusional psychotic against the leader of a worldwide religion.

And the allegations? A beating every day at the end of 2003 by a man who wasn’t even there.

Even more irresponsibly, Cooper not only never challenged his source, he refused on four separate occasions to even look at the Church’s proof of his lies. 
Why would you, if you wanted to mislead your viewers and create even more sensation by only including pat “denials.”

Anderson Cooper: "As for the Church, it vigorously denies their claims, asserting that Rathbun is a bald-faced liar, who was fired ‘cause he himself assaulted members of the Church, or at least demoted."

That’s right.

And as the footage you’ve just seen demonstrates, late ’03 was notable to all Scientologists world over for Mr. Miscavige’s opening of the first three Ideal Churches of Scientology and his travel to numerous other Churches around the world.

Pictures don’t lie.

Anderson Cooper: Two starkly different versions. Only one of them can be the truth. Someone is lying (lying, lying, lying).

And now you’ve seen the truth.