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chapter: Detox

Q: Is Narconon a Medical Program?

Allegation: Narconon’s method consists only of sweating out the drugs in the sauna and is unscientific.

Facts.  The Narconon program consists of a drug-free withdrawal (except in cases where only a medically-assisted withdrawal is possible), detoxification and a series of life-skills courses to help recovering addicts to overcome their addiction and to learn how to solve their problems without drugs.  It generally takes from three to six months to complete the program. The Narconon program is not a medical model program.  It is a social education life skills model and is support.

Today, Narconon’s procedures and standards of performance are clearly defined and delivered according to manuals, published as a worldwide standard in the early 1990s.  Since the Narconon manuals were formulated, ten thousands have successfully completed the full drug rehab program internationally.