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Scientology Myths - what is fact? what is fiction?
chapter: Random Rumors

Q: Does Scientology have a procedure called R2-45 which means to shoot someone in the head with a Colt-45 revolver?


This question or variations of it came up on the blog several times. Here it is:

In Scientology there is a system of techniques which are numbered, like R2-1, R2-2 etc (no, there is no R2D2 in Scientology…). In a lecture in 1959 Hubbard was talking about how people experienced exteriorization when they reached Clear (a Scientology conscience level) in the past, during meditation or so. At the end of this section of the lecture he makes a joke, inventing “R2-45″:

“And even the cops or gangsters could make a Clear out of anybody over these circumstances by taking a Webley .38 or a Smith and Wesson or Colt or something like that, and doing R2-45. That exteriorizes most anybody! Now, the way the Lamas got there was to sit and meditate. We’ve had somebody sitting and meditating, I guarantee you, our research has included it.” (Lecture 19 of “Rationale of Create” Series, 20 November 1959, Melbourne Congress)

It was a joke. Scientology is not teaching or applying processes which leaves people dead in the end.
All literature and processes I ever saw are 100% directed in making people more alive and more self-determined. So such “process” would be very much out of alignment with the rest of Scientology technology.