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Scientology Myths - what is fact? what is fiction?
chapter: Rolling Stone Magazine

Q: What is true and what is false in the Rolling Stone article on Scientology?

Rolling Stone writer Janet Reitman was granted unprecedented access to the Church by their Office of Special Affairs (OSA). She interviewed many current Scientologists and she interviewed apostates. She chose to use some key information given to her by apostates and by avowed anti-Scientologists. She chose to ignore basic facts and chose to propel rumor. This is too bad. Reitman never consulted L. Ron Hubbard's biographer yet felt she had enough information regarding Hubbard to refer to his early life as "unremarkable" and the success of his literary career in the 30's and 40's as "modest". These aren't even myths and true information on Hubbard's life can be found anywhere... it is no secret. Many of the myths, rumors and untruths are addressed in other places on this site.

What is too bad for Ms. Reitman is most people who read the article knew a great deal of what they were reading was fabrication and her story failed to gain the attention she had hoped it would. This is a writer who tries to tackle controversial subjects, and when she failed to find that controversy "Inside Scientology" she looked outside Scientology.