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chapter: Ron Dewolf

Q: Who was L. Ron Hubbard's son Ronald Dewolf?

Ronald DeWolf was born Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Jr. in 1934 as the eldest child of 23-year old L. Ron Hubbard and his first wife, Margaret Louise Grubb (26). Hubbard had met Grubb when they were both training as glider pilots. The marriage did not last over World War II* and got divorced in 1947. After that L. Ron Hubbard was hardly in contact with his then 13-year old son who stayed with his mother. Per several affidavits from both sides they met the last time in 1959.

However in 1982 Ron DeWolf (he had meanwhile changed his name from Hubbard to DeWolf) suddenly showed up again, tried to declare L. Ron Hubbard dead and take over his finances. This clearly financially motivated action was balked by L. Ron Hubbard personally proving to the court that he was alive and well. In 1984 Hubbard's wife Mary Sue filed a $5 million suit for fraud against DeWolf for his 1982 attempt to gain control of L. Ron Hubbard's estate.

DeWolf though tried another time to grab hold of Hubbard's estates only days after his death in January 1986 but was denied again. That however did not stop him to spread a bunch of lies later that same year when he co-authored a book of a disgruntled expelled member of the Church of Scientology about the Church and L. Ron Hubbard. Shortly after the first copies of the book had been sold his author credit was removed from it and DeWolf called the parts referring to him "no more than wild flights of fantasy" and "to the extent that any portion of this book is based on my communications with [the main author], whether written or oral, the book is inaccurate and false". In two affidavits Ronald DeWolf submitted to a court in 1987 he confirms that his knowledge about the doing of his father L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology already ended in the late 1950s. Ron DeWolf died of cancer in 1991.

Affidavit of L. Ron Hubbard of 1983, about Ron DeWolf and the fact that he - Hubbard - is well and alive
Denial Letter of Sheriff-Coroner, 31 January 1986, to Ron DeWolf's attorney Michael Flynn
Rocky Mountain News article 1983, explaining his relation to DeWolf on page 7 (PDF)
New York Times of 24 October 1984, Suit filed against Ron DeWolf for attempted fraud (PDF)
Ron DeWolf Affidavit, May 1987 (PDF)
Ron DeWolf Affidavit, July 1987 (PDF)
A short biography of L. Ron Hubbard (video clip on Youtube)

* From the summer of 1941 to late 1945, during World War II, L. Ron Hubbard served in the United States Navy. Based on the representations of his experience overseas and as a writer, he was able to skip the initial officer rank of Ensign and was commissioned a Lieutenant, Junior Grade for service in the Office of Naval Intelligence. [Back to text]