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chapter: Ron Dewolf

Q: How and when did L. Ron Hubbard pass away?

L. Ron Hubbard died on 24 January 1986 in the age of 74 from a stroke, after a life of adventure, research and helping others.

Before his body was cremated in accordance to his last will, the medical examiner of the area (San Luis Obispo County) had a drug toxicology test done. The 1980s were controversial times, several expelled members of the Church of Scientology had just tried to steal Hubbard's works while his estranged son Ron DeWolf (1934-1991) was heavily after the heritage of his father *.

So that blood test was a good idea. It revealed no drugs or poisons but recorded a "trace amount of Vistaril", an antihistamine used to treat allergic reaction and against nausea. The fact that Vistaril can be used as a mild sedative was fraudulently used later on by the same people who had tried to grab hold of Hubbard's heritage. One of them even had his attorney ask for another coroner research into the death. The denial of this request tells the whole story and puts an end to any fantasies spread by former members or people with an agenda to steal L. Ron Hubbard's heritage. Read it here.

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Denial Letter of Sheriff-Coroner, 31 January 1986, to Ron DeWolf's attorney Michael Flynn
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New York Times of 24 October 1984, Suit filed against Ron DeWolf for attempted fraud (PDF)
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* Even though he had not been in contact with L. Ron Hubbard for more than 20 years DeWolf had tried to take over the finances of his father and even attempted to declare him dead in 1982. [Back to text]