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Scientology Myths - what is fact? what is fiction?
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Q: What is Scientology?

A big question! Scientology is helping a person to gain spiritual freedom. It can and has to be learned thoroughly and applied, not debated. For me Scientology is help in all forms and more understanding about life and others. ScientologyMyths is not the right place to give lengthy descriptions of Scientology
and I truly recommend to check one of the dozens of websites of the Church of Scientology to find out about theory and practice of Scientology. If you rather believe scholars and authorities, well, there are plenty of them who investigated Scientology and its practices and published their conclusions.

The best recommendation that comes to mind is to check the videos on the Video Channel or on There is one called "Inside a Church of Scientology"
- which is pretty good - and another one "What Scientologists Say About Scientology". Those two give some first insight. Then for the practice and theoretical background of Scientology there are more videos and plenty of text on, Scientology Bona fide Religion and on What is Scientology?.