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Scientology Myths - what is fact? what is fiction?
chapter: Random People

Random person: Fiona Pettit O'Leary - Ireland

If you are in Fiona O'Leary's skin you can probably understand her. Short of that, don't even try. Fiona has been through a lot in her life - anorexia, depression, suicide attempt, more depression, endless chicken fights - and developed a way of thinking that might appear unusual to me and thee. But it's a self-defense that allows her to ignore information that would otherwise require her to change her mind about something. Also she loves to be attacked so provocation is part of her life style. It makes her feel alive.

Lately the married mother of five has gotten cozy with John McGhee, a crazy anti-Scientology fanatic with a history of aggression and harassment of people of good will. Which resulted in at least one court order (Irish Times 12 January 2015).

I set out to research her background a bit and in the course of that Fiona published my email address and some people started sending me information that sheds a light on her present behavior. I asked her several times to comment on it but she refused to answer questions. I managed to verify some of the information but this is still work in progress. If you have anything to say about Fiona, email me at Don't tell me that she seriously needs to get a life. I know THAT already: