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chapter: Sex and Family
  • Q: What does Scientology say about sex and sexual relations?

Q: What does Scientology say about sex and sexual relations?

Sex and sexual relations are part of the "Second Dynamic" in Scientology. A "dynamic" in Scientology is a personal urge towards survival. The first of these urges is the drive to survive as an individual, getting enough food, feeling well and so on. The second urge is the urge to survive through sex, family and children. There are eight of them (more about it in the Definitions).

L. Ron Hubbard defined the Second Dynamic like this:

"The second dynamic is the urge toward existence as a sexual activity. This dynamic actually has two divisions. Second dynamic (a) is the sexual act itself and the second dynamic (b) is the family unit including the rearing of children. This can be called the sex dynamic."(1)

The above is the main definition, but there is also another one which is a bit broader:

"The second dynamic is creativity. Creativity is making things for the future and the second dynamic includes any creativity. The second dynamic contains the family unit and the rearing of children as well as anything that can be categorized as a family activity. It incidentally includes sex as a mechanism to compel future survival."(2)

Now what does that mean for Scientologists? Do they like sex? Sure they do!

Do Scientologists want to have children? That is a personal decision but most of them do. After all the idea of sex is to make children, right? At least traditionally it is. No sex, no offspring. To survive maximally on all dynamics (urges to survive) one would naturally include sex, family and children.

Now you might have heard that Scientology says "sex is a control instrument" and therefore bad. That is not true. The relevant Scientology text about this says that pain and sex are "tools of degradation" ("Pain and Sex", 1982), that they can be used to harm people or exert bad control over them. And it works that way, just look around. "Sex sells"! And "thinking with your genitals" rather than with your mind might feel a bit "obsessive", like being controlled by something else, right? Girls, did you ever control a guy with holding up some hope of getting laid? See, that's what this means.

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