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chapter: Squirrels

Q:What is behind those "squirrels" - International Association of Scientologists

4. On the International Association of Scientologists (IAS)

Misinformation and wrong information has been spread on what the IAS is supposed to be.

The IAS did not replace the HASI. They are entirely different entities existing at different times with different purposes.

On March 12, 1966, L. Ron Hubbard announced in HCO Executive Letter that the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Inc. had been replaced by the Church of Scientology of California as the senior corporate entity in Scientology. This announcement included that effective 5 April 1966, all of Saint Hill, including the International Executive Division of Scientology, would be under the corporate control of the Church of Scientology of California. This ended the role of the HASI as the senior corporate entity in Scientology.

The International Association of Scientologists is a membership organization founded by individual Scientologists in October of 1984. It is not a management organization, but a membership organization, the purpose of which is to unite, advance, support and protect Scientology and Scientologists in all parts of the world so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by LRH.

As with the HASI, the IAS has annual and lifetime memberships. Beyond that, there are levels of honor statuses to acknowledge the contributions of Scientologists.

Since 1984 the Churches of Scientology have adopted membership in the International Association of Scientologists as their official membership system.

LRH acknowledged the first IAS victory in 1985 and knew exactly who made it happen. He wrote:

You have won a great victory. You have fought hard and long. You never gave up, you never weakened... For you there was only the thought of winning. Who do I mean by “you?”. Probably the most powerful group of individual OTs that has ever mustered. – LRH, LRH ED 354 INT, WINNING

The existence of the IAS makes possible the broad application of Scientology technology to many levels of society and applies for the first time in our history what LRH describes here:


Scientology applied at a high echelon to social, political and scientific problems. This requires the earlier levels and a high state of training on theoretical and wide- application levels and the personal state of OT. – LRH, HCO PL of 2 Aug 63, Issue I, URGENT, PUBLIC PROJECT ONE:

In fact, the existence of the IAS makes possible these specific Fourth Dynamic activities envisioned by LRH:

These programs address fundamental ruins that block planetary clearing. LRH had this to say about the vital importance of these programs to export his technology broadly on the Fourth Dynamic:

Scientology has no interest in the political or social aspects of the various types of drugs or even drug-taking as such. The whole interest of Scientology is concentrated on those who want to "get unhooked" and "stay unhooked."

In one Scientology organization at least half of those coming in for processing have been on drugs and this figure is less than that in the surrounding public where it evidently goes to an even higher percentage. Therefore, in 1968 and 1969 research on this as a specialized subject was completed successfully.

Scientologists do not stand ready to punish drug takers or reform a whole society on the subject. But they do stand ready and are active in helping anyone or any government to handle the problem.

Like the Flaming Youth era of the Prohibition 20s, drug- taking will probably also come to pass away as a national pastime. But it will leave a lot of people who wish they hadn't. The Scientologist can help those. And are helping them right now as a routine duty to the community.
– LRH, Article of 25 Sept 69,

A society to survive well, needs at least as many Volunteer Ministers as it has policemen. A society gets what it concentrates upon. By concentrating on spiritual values instead of criminality a new day may yet dawn for man. – LRH, Article, 1976, RELIGIOUS INFLUENCE IN SOCIETY; THE ROLE OF THE

Human rights must be made a fact not an idealistic dream. The very basis of human rights is freedom from false accusations and from brutality and punishment without offense. Somehow, government by prejudice and false report must end in the West or the West itself will end. By bringing about real human rights , perhaps there would be enough cause in the West to be worth fighting for. Somehow society in the West must be revitalized after decades of arduous degradation. It will not be an easy feat. It is very hard to save a being or government who is bent whole-heartedly on self-destruction. – LRH, Ron’s Journal 1969, 28 Feb 69

…The Way to Happiness. It is going like wildfire. It is being translated into many, many other languages…What we have here is a grass-roots revolution spreading far beyond the perimeters of
organizations. The potential, all by itself, is an uplift in the decency and integrity of man.
– LRH. Ron’s Journal 33, Holidays 1981/1982

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