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What's new?

July 9, 2016: It's been 10 years today that Scientology Myths went online on this domain! We made a lot of friends, answered hundreds and hundreds of questions. Many of your questions and suggestions were turned into new articles. Keep going! You can always leave a note at or send me an email: louanne AT

May 2016: Added a blurb on Ron Miscavige.

2013-2016: Sorry, I forgot to update this page... New stuff on Disconnection and some other.

January 2013: Update about "Alien Space Cathedral" nonsense.

August 2012: Update about David Love (Narconon Agent Provocateur)

August 2012: Update about Narconon and its background

July 2012/August 2012: Update about David Touretzky

June 2012: Update about divorce and marriage

February 2012: New articles on Squirrels and their claims

October 2011:
Minor updates throughout the site

April 2011:
New article on Squirrels

April 2011: added statement on Silent Birth

March 2011: New article on Paul Haggis

February 2011: added new official statistics 2010/2011

February 2011: little things on Freezone

July 2010: Updated article on Golden Era Productions

July 2010: Updated article on Mark "Marty" Rathbun

26 May 2010: Updated article on Mark Rathbun.

May 2010: New article on Mark "Marty" Rathbun.

February 2010: Some tweaks here and there. Updated Statistics and David Miscavige.

November 2009: Added article on France/Scientology judgement on 27 October 2009.

June 2009: Added article on Wikipedia, updated statistics section with numbers for 2008/2009.

February/March 2009: Minor tweaks. Updated Alien Section.

26 August 2008: Typo corrections. Little tweaks here and there

06 August 2008: New article on Volunteer Ministers and a little comment called "What is Scientology?"

01 August 2008: Changed front page, added another document in the L. Ron Hubbard section.

29 July 2008
: Added article in the L. Ron Hubbard section and another one on Ron DeWolf.

27 July 2008: Typo corrections.

8 July 2008: Added article about the Freewinds in the definition section.

26 May 2008: More definitions for SP and PTS from the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics.

6 May 2008 New article about "Paulette Cooper: Operation Freakout". Needs to be expanded later.

5 May 2008 New articles about "Snow White Program" and "Scientology Tax Exemption". I also added plenty of documents in "Is Scientology a cult or religion?" and one more in the Apostates article.

22 April 2008 Typo corrections.

7 April 2008 New articles about Disconnection, sex and family and Scientology Kids.

12 March 2008 Updated the site with some minor corrections and a new section on Anonymous.

25 February 2008 Corrections here and there Updated a couple of texts in Aliens, Apostates, Brainwashing, Guardian's Office and Deprogramming and added some new terms in the Definitions section. Mirrored the RPF study on the server and updated the text about the "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF) and the Sea Org.

22 February 2008 The Statistics section got updated now. We proudly present the latest figures as they were announced in the annual report of the Church of Scientology International in its New Years Event.

20 February 2008 What's being worked on right now is the Statistics section (gathering the latest information), some more Definitions and your questions from the blog. The blog keeps Lu running for documents, books and tapes...! Keep going with your questions! A glance in our crystal ball also tells us that we will have some more pictures and scans coming soon!

15 February 2008 Update of Random Rumors section with new questions. Added more information to Fair Game, threw out some verbiage Lisa McPherson, changed title of the site to "Scientology Myths 2.0" and linked the "What's new?" section to the front page.

13 February 2008 New section created for Definitions and added about 25 definition pages and a long word list .

10 February 2008 Blog goes online. Overworked all links and some texts. The site, called "Smyths" now, gets its own Flickr account and maybe we put some photos there in the future. J decides that Smyths should be called "Scientology Myths 2.0".

2 February 2008 Registered Scientology Myths Blog with and played around with the CSS code, widgets and so on. Lu finds a new hobby, "coding" a.k.a. messing with the site structure and PHP code, and insists to be called "Countess Smyths" now.

February 2008 Scientology Myths goes back online!

January 2008 Lu starts overworking the texts, brings some order in Scientology materials, documents and tons of Firefox bookmarks.

December 2007 Lu and J are getting back to work on Scientology Myths 1.0, digging through archives and boxes of materials we collected in 2006. We decided that the site is cool and should go back online. Time goes by.

2007 Scientology Myths sits there with the coder and the writer doing everything else except for adding content to the site. We even missed that the hosting ran out later in the year and the site went silently down. Finally the coder changes his job and drops the project completely. Good luck, man!

2006 Scientology Myths v.1.0 goes online with new outfit.

Summer 2005 Scientology Myths version 0.9 went online as a test to see if the coding works and so on.

2005 First offline version "The Truth about Scientology" written. Just pure texts to common questions or allegations. Later in the year we registered and some others for this project.